About Us
Rt.212 Coalition, a grassroots project started in 2015 by two local women, came about as a response to the rising opiate epidemic in the local communities. Noticing a desperate need to minimize the stigma associated with addiction as well as a firm demand to bring awareness to those communities, this project began as a way to bridge the gaps in services that were already being provided in the area. Rt.212 Coalition also strives to make more services accessible to more people- especially for individuals and families afflicted by addiction.


Shayna Micucci is the co-founder of Rt.212 Coalition. Her background is working with at-risk youth, as she holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is certified in Children’s Services and Animal-Assisted Social Work. Shayna’s love for community and passion for helping people is contagious. Her compassionate nature fuels her to work hard for and with the community. In her limited down time, Shayna enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs.

Shayna Micucci

Kasandra Quednau is the co-founder of Rt.212 Coalition. Kasandra currently has her CASAC-T and is working on completing her degree in Human Services. She has lived and worked in the Woodstock area her whole life and is committed to her community.  She has faced her own battle with opiates in the past and is proud to say she has over three years clean. Her first hand experienced seeing the devastation that opiates have on an individual, their family, and the community around them has driven her dedication for this project. As a professional in recovery she is passionate about using her experience to reach out to those that are struggling, as well as their families, and friends. Kasandra enjoys being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Kasandra Quednau